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Exquisite sword

Model: m1j
The total length is 110cm, the blade is 64cm, the handle is 39cm, the blade width is 4cm, the thickness of the back of the blade is 0.7cm, the total weight is 3.02kg, 1.88kg "blade material": refined pattern steel "fittings": all copper "sheath material": fish skin..
Model: sl Juyuan sword
Total length: 86cm, sheath length: 80.5cmBlade length: 60cm, handle length: 16.5cmBlade width: 4cm blade thickness: 1cmTotal weight: 2.44kg demyelinating weight: 1.62kgShell decoration: pure copper fine carving, fine grinding and aging;Sword handle: pure copper fine carving; Scabbard: high quality e..
Model: 定制
Customization period: 3-5 monthsDragon chant [Tang Dao] dragon chant is a custom-made private chatting blade. The blade is invisible and comes from killing. When you meet Buddha, you become Buddha, and when you meet devil, you become devil. The instrument is not evil, but given by the user; good is ..
Model: SL---1283
Total length: 97.5cm, sheath length: 93cmBlade length: 65.5cm, handle length: 20cmBlade width: 3.5cm blade thickness: 0.7cmTotal weight: 3.07kg demyelinating weight: 1.69kgThree color copper Dragon Blade (black coarse grain fish skin).Shell decoration: pure copper carving, ancient gilding, silver an..
Model: sl 励志剑
Length: 73cm Deseed length: 70cmBlade length: 54cm handle length: 13cmBlade width: 3.8cm Blade thickness: 0 .8cmFull weight: 1.65kg De-seon: 1.15kgInspirational sword. Pretend: Pure copper carving retro to make old.Swords: High-quality ebony wood with horns. Sword body: hundreds of patterned steel h..
Model: sl heilong
Total length: 103cm, sheath length: 92.5cmBlade length: 70cm, handle length: 20cmBlade width: 5.5cm blade thickness: 0.8cmTotal weight: 3.28kg demyelinating weight: 1.82kgRed skinFittings: pure copper fine carving, fine grinding, old; scabbard: real shark skin;Blade: Handmade pattern steel, clear an..
Model: hg01754
Total length: 104cm blade length: 70cmHandle length: 27cm blade width: 3.2cmBlade thickness: 0.75cm net weight: 1.43kgBlade material: T10 burning blade fitting: pure copperSheath material: solid wood wrapped fish skin baking paint..
Model: SL--1079–A
Total length: 94cm, sheath length: 91cmBlade length: 73cm, handle length: 18cmBlade width: 3.2cm blade thickness: 0.75cmTotal weight: 2.58kg demyelinating weight: 1.48kgGold Plated nine lion saber (black fish skin TIANTI pattern).Shell loading: pure copper hand carving, fine grinding, 24K gold plati..
Model: shenyu taidao:L46
Product Description: SamuraiBlade material: T10 burning knife, grinding on the groundProduction process: handcrafted, hand-forged, quenchedTan: Made of pure copperWeight: 1.4 kgTotal length: 103 cmBlade length: 71 cmHandle length: 26cmBlade width: 3.2 cmDepth: 0.75 cmPu sheathAccessories: Cloth bags..
Model: 虞美人nz01
Yu Meiren, a warrior sword decorated with 24K gold inlaid in fine copper, paper with real fish skin handle and straight grain burning blade forged by armourThe length of sheath is 103 cm, the length of blade is 71 cm, the length of stalk is 26 cm, and the width of blade is 3.2 cm. Real leather handl..
Model: 凤凰于飞/nz02
Gold and silver gilded bronze carving real fish skin handle paper T10 Steel T-shaped burning blade samurai sword -- Fenghuang YufeiThe length of sheath is 103 cm, the length of blade is 71 cm, the length of stalk is 26 cm, and the width of blade is 3.2 cm. Real leather handle roll, comfortable feel,..
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